MagFlex RapidCharge™ - Magnetic Quick Charge Cable

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“Excellent Product, exceeded my expectations. I asked for the 3 meter and it is super practical and useful. It arrived super fast, a week before, and everything in perfect condition, works amazing. Super recommended!”

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Maintaining connectivity in this fast-paced world hinges on efficient battery usage and rapid device charging. Despite being advertised as high-quality, charging cables frequently prove fragile and susceptible to dangerous fraying or breakage when stored, resulting in unsafe charging practices and financial waste. This can result in significant frustration and disappointment, especially after investing in supposedly premium cables.

Experience the revolutionary MagFlex Rapid Charge™ cable, a magnetic quick-charging solution that redefines device charging with unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Crafted from top-tier braided nylon, this cable boasts exceptional durability, seamlessly matching the potency of its magnetic strength. Changing the game with its ergonomic 540-degree rotating design allows effortless one-handed attachment, marking an unparalleled shift in fast and secure device charging.



✅ QUALITY AND STRENGTH - Experience a charging revolution with MagFlex Rapid Charge™, meticulously engineered from premium aluminum alloy, reinforced with nylon braided wire and exceptional 5V/2.4A voltage. Swiftly power devices combining a distinctive design with robust, long-lasting charging performance.

✅ 540 DEGREE DESIGN - Unveiling the MagFlex Rapid Charge™, featuring a groundbreaking 540-degree 2-in-1 rotating design that enhances usability by allowing both L-shaped and straight charging orientations. Effortlessly engage with devices during charging, whether gaming or scrolling, as the cable conveniently folds out of the way while in use.

✅ DUST PROOF DEVICE - Elevating the charging experience, MagFlex Rapid Charge™ introduces a new level of protection by safeguarding device charge ports against dust and dirt. With its magnetic adapter, shield the port and prevent harmful particles, remarkably extending the lifespan of devices.

✅ 3 USB ADAPTORS - MagFlex Rapid Charge™ delivers unparalleled adaptability, including 3 distinct magnetic port adapters catering to Apple (lightning charger), USB-C, and micro USB connections, ensuring supreme versatility. Elevate the charging experience to new heights with its seamless interchangeability and change the power up game.

✅ SAFE & HEAT PROOF - With its innovative design and stable charge magnet, MagFlex Rapid Charge™ places paramount importance on device and user safety during the charging process, ensuring devices remain cool during charging. This approach offers a dependable and stress-free charging experience that instills a strong sense of peace of mind.

✅ ONE HAND OPERATION - Designed for utmost convenience, MagFlex Rapid Charge™ facilitates effortless one-handed attachment through a simple magnetic click, ensuring seamless connectivity. Whether driving or occupied, the quick and intuitive magnetic connection and indicator light allows focus to remain on the road without even needing to glance.

We understand preserving charging cables and devices is a high priority for optimizing connectivity and avoiding frustrating replacement costs. The common occurrences of cables tearing, slicing open, or fraying shortly after purchase, leading to potential electrical hazards, amplify the urgency. Recent comparative research highlights traditional charging cables as 25-50% less effective in charging, exacerbating the issue of potential port damage due to frequent insertions and removals, which can result in substantial costs.

MagFlex Rapid Charge™ emerges as an unparalleled solution, addressing all device charging requirements, featuring durability, safety, and efficient rapid charging. Its user-friendly rotating design, robust magnetic grip, and exceptional dust-proof rapid charging proficiency ensures longevity and effective power delivery across multiple devices. Elevate the functionality of numerous devices promptly and securely through the remarkable convenience of this quick-click magnetic charging cable.


Package Contents

1x MagFlex Rapid Charge™ Charging Cable
1x Lightning Magnetic Port
1x USB-C Magnetic Port
1x Micro-USB Magnetic Port

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Type: Magnet Charing Cable

Maximum Current: 2.4A

Length: 1m 2m 3m

Features: With LED Indicator

Feature: 540 degrees rotating

Connectivity: LIGHTNING, Type-C, Micro USB

Certification: CE