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“OMG!! I love this ring so much. Item is made very well, amazing quality. So pretty and shimmery in the sun, I love it even more because it doesn’t matter if it gets wet, perfect for everyday wear. Adjustable too!! I will definitely order one for my sister. Highly recommend this beautiful piece”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Holly
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Frequent wear of jewelry often leads to quick tarnishing and loss of luster, a truly disheartening outcome, ultimately leading to a complete waste of money. Searching for accessories that strike a harmonious balance between affordability, durability and pieces that remain vibrant without tarnishing in the ocean can often become an insurmountable challenge. Such experiences of disappointment and frustration can be especially gut wrenching when the item was acquired not long ago.

Introducing the AquaRocks™ Waterproof DailyWear Collection, a stunning daily wear accessory that effortlessly retains its unwavering beauty through the elements. Crafted from stainless steel and adorned with superior quality 18K gold plating, this adjustable, timeless ring is completely waterproof and remains untarnished, ensuring a stunning and classic look every day. Embrace confidence in this exceptional piece, as its enduring charm and band remains unaffected regardless of its aquatic encounters.


✅ EVERYDAY WEAR - Designed from stainless steel and boasting a robust layer of premium gold plating, this piece prioritizes everyday durability. Revel in AquaRocks™ timeless, classic style day after day, confidently wearing it through all activities. 

✅ WATERPROOF - Discover the AquaRocks™ Waterproof DailyWear Collection, featuring a 100% waterproof design achieved through PVD 18K gold coating, ensuring remarkable durability. Embrace the freedom to swim in the pool, ocean or even wear in the shower and love every minute knowing the ring will beam with stunning sparkle.

✅ TIMELESS STYLE - Elevating any ensemble with its timeless elegance, this ring graces the finger in a way that seamlessly complements every outfit, granting the freedom to wear it continuously alongside any color scheme. AquaRocks™ embodies a harmonious blend of simple style and chic charm. 

✅ ADJUSTABLE BAND - AquaRocks™ rings feature a clever open band design, allowing for easy customization to achieve the perfect fit on any finger. Enjoy the day with uninterrupted comfort by adjusting the sizing for a seamless and comfortable wear experience. 

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - Meticulously curated with hand-selected stones and utilizing premium materials such as stainless steel with PVD gold plating delivering unparalleled quality. Every AquaRocks™ ring delivers an expertly crafted design to ensure the stones are flawlessly set within a timeless style.

✅ TARNISH-PROOF - AquaRocks™ are coated with an exceptional 18K gold plating, elevating resistance to corrosion and extending the lifespan of each piece, even in the face of scratches. With the added durability from PVD gold, the ring retains its pristine and captivating appearance over time.


We empathize with the frustration of buying a brand new jewelry piece, only to witness its tarnishing shortly thereafter. Imagine purchasing a new ring for vacation only to have it dull and tarnished after the first ocean swim, or contending with the unwelcome sight of a dark green ring left on the skin which can be difficult to remove. Research shows conventional lower-quality gold-plated jewelry undergoes electroplating, a process that applies a micro thin layer of gold paint to the piece, when it comes in contact with saltwater from the ocean, experts conclude it is 10x more likely to corrode and tarnish.

AquaRocks™ Waterproof DailyWear Collection is a flawless everyday ring designed for carefree wear, boasting mesmerizing stone brilliance and the ability to show it off anywhere. These exquisite rings undergo a cutting-edge vaporized gold plating technique, resulting in a robust and lustrous coating that ensures extended durability and waterproof integrity, preserving both the captivating gold band and the radiant sparkle. Investing in this exquisite accessory proves to be a worthwhile expenditure, elevating each outfit with both elegance and a sense of tranquility.


 Package Contents

1x AquaRock™ Waterproof Ring

Care Instructions

If you swim or bathe wearing your pieces we highly recommend to rinse the ring with clean freshwater to remove chlorine, saltwater, or hard water deposits that could potentially buildup on the surface over time.

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Shape\pattern: Geometric

Setting Type: Tension Mount

Occasion: Everyday wear

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Stone Material: Cubic Zirconia

Item Type: Rings

Gender: Women

Electroplate: PVD 18K Real Gold Plated

Colors: White / Green / Pink