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“Being able to hold the baby with free hands and let the baby sleep while we get other things done, it makes life so much easier. Plus, though I never cared too much for mesh.. it will help so much in the summer, the mesh makes it breathable and will help the baby not get too hot and help me stay cooler too. This is something that has come in super handy this spring and will be a lifesaver this summer! I would Recommend it to anyone with a little one, it will honestly be a game changer.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Valerie

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Managing a baby alongside numerous other existing and newfound responsibilities can pose incredible challenges. Balancing the never-ending tasks with a new baby in tow often becomes overwhelming, especially when the little one craves undivided attention. The constant need to multitask can often feel overwhelming, beyond stressful and make it seemingly impossible to manage everything smoothly.

Introducing the innovation of The Sling Carrier™, a lightweight, easy-click and revolutionary baby carrier designed to provide a hands-free experience while keeping baby close. The Sling is the ultimate practical solution on the move, allowing enhanced productivity whether at home or out and about. With this perfect helper, confidently go hands-free and rest the arms while keeping the little one securely cuddled to the body.




BREATHABLE MESH - The Sling Carrier™ is thoughtfully designed featuring honeycomb mesh to prioritize breathability. Keep baby comfortably close while ensuring adequate airflow, making it an essential tool for everyday use.

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE - Weighing merely 150gThe Sling Carrier™ will become a must-have everywhere, especially for hot summer days. Experience the true essence of portable comfort without any additional weight added to the baby.


SECURE & STRONG - With its strong and durable premium cotton material, The Sling Carrier™ ensures a snug and secure fit for the baby with a weight capacity of up to 44lbs. Providing peace of mind while embarking on any adventure, rest assured knowing the little one is safe, content, and enjoying the journey.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The ultimate convenience with the adjustable strap of The Sling Carrier™, ensuring comfort while bringing baby along on any outing. With its quick and easy design, the strap can be effortlessly adjusted on the go, allowing for easy changes in the baby's position and providing seamless comfort.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Versatility at it's finest with The Sling Carrier™, made even more convenient with its machine washable cotton fabric that can handle the inevitable spills and stains. Simply toss it in the washing machine to effortlessly restore it to a stain-free state, ensuring it's ready for the next adventure.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The Sling Carrier™ is meticulously crafted with an ergonomically designed M-Shape position, ensuring proper posture for the baby's legs and spine while providing full support for developing bones. This invaluable accessory revolutionizes the carrying experience, prioritizing comfort and safety for little ones.

Multi-tasking is an all-encompassing job, and there's no escaping its inherent stress and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Imagine the overwhelming scene of a sink full of dishes, piles of laundry, and a chaotic house after giving birth, with no assistance, a crying baby, and nothing but paralyzing anxiety. On average, parents tackle a staggering 34 tasks in a day, adding up to a daunting total of 238 tasks per week.

Experience the ultimate solution with The Sling Carrier™, enabling the ability to accomplish more while keeping baby happy and close. With its simple wrap-around design and secure quick-click clasp, it effortlessly frees up hands to complete tasks without compromising baby's needs. Indulge in the convenience of granting the arms a much-needed rest while baby peacefully sleeps in a safe, growth and development focused position.



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1x Sling Carrier


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Size: Width: 45cm, Circumference: 136-161cm
Material: Cotton
Suitable age: 0-36 months
Weight capacity: 20kgs or 44lbs