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“Perfect! Incredible quality, reinforced, spacious, back is padded so it is quite comfortable. I'm in love with this backpack. Fits a ton of stuff and has pockets for everything, they thought of it all. Y'all will love, just buy”

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Preparing for the next journey, whether for business or leisure, can become quite cumbersome, especially when faced with a lack of versatile luggage options. The challenge often lies in locating a travel bag that accommodates all the favorite essentials, adheres to strict carry-on size restrictions to avoid checking bags, and remains lightweight for easy airport maneuvering. The resulting pre-travel stress and anxiety inevitably forces important items to be left behind due to size constraints in limited luggage options.

Meet Lady Jetsetter™ USB Rucksack, a revolutionary carry-on approved travel backpack designed for the adventurous woman on the go. This versatile luggage solution offers a range of features, including a wet/dry compartment, dedicated shoe storage, multiple pockets, a spacious main compartment, an anti-theft pouch, and a convenient USB port. When it comes to packing for the next journey, Lady Jetsetter™ redefines the experience, allowing meticulous planning and inclusivity of all essentials effortlessly.


✅ BUILT-IN USB PORT - Lady Jetsetter™ offers hassle-free device charging on the go with its integrated USB port, simply insert a power bank and attach a cable to stay powered up on the go. This rucksack makes charging devices effortless and optimizes connectivity anywhere.

✅ WET/DRY STORAGE - Designed for ultimate convenience, Lady Jetsetter™ effortlessly segregates wet or dry items from the rest for stress-free travel. Whether it's securely stowing liquid products during travels or separating gym essentials, worry-free organization is guaranteed.

✅ INDEPENDENT SHOE STORAGE - With its dedicated shoe storage compartment, Lady Jetsetter™ offers outstanding storage and organizational possibilities, keeping dirty shoes separate from other items. This remarkable feature ensures complete and tidy essentials without compromise.

✅ CARRY-ON APPROVED - Lady Jetsetter™ comes in two sizes, with the large measuring 18.5in x 13in x 7.5in and the small measuring 16.5in x 12.2in x 6.7in, making them suitable for both overhead bins and under-seat storage on airplanes. This versatility ensures this rucksack is the ideal carry-on travel companion ready to adapt to any adventure.

✅ LAPTOP COMPARTMENT - Equipped with an innovative laptop pocket that accommodates a 14-inch laptop in the small size and a 16-inch laptop in the large size, offering flexibility to bring multiple devices. Lady Jetsetter™ opens up endless possibilities for carrying tech essentials on any journey.

✅ LARGE CAPACITY - Lady Jetsetter™ is meticulously constructed from high-quality waterproof canvas and offers generous storage, with a capacity of up to 55L in the large size and up to 36L in the small size. Effortlessly allowing easy packing for 3-5 days with all the essentials needed for anywhere life travels.

We understand the stress that comes with the challenge of finding compact luggage that accommodates all travel essentials. Picture the frustration of carefully planning every item for the trip, only to discover that many of them won't fit into a standard carry-on bag or backpack. In a recent study, 41% of respondents revealed they avoid checking bags due to frequent mishandling and loss by airlines, opting for carry-ons to ensure the security of belongings.

Lady Jetsetter™ offers an impeccable solution for efficiently packing all essential travel items without the need to compromise on space or weight. Revel in its versatile design, accommodating tech gadgets, toiletries, and clothing while enjoying the added utility of breathable mesh, an anti-theft pocket, and a chest buckle for enhanced travel comfort. Elevate travel experiences with this innovative and meticulously crafted rucksack, equipped with game-changing features that redefine any journey's convenience and style.



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