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“Excellent! I am fascinated with the quality of this product. I love it a lot and it works perfectly with my tripods, very easy to use. The instructions are clear, are in Chinese and English,... Spectacular thank you very much. Arrived in quickly 8 days, highly recommend this stellar product!!” 

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In today's digital age, technology takes center stage, driving the pursuit of content creation as a livelihood. The daily struggle to secure reliable assistance for content shooting often leads to frustration, yielding subpar images and videos that garner minimal engagement. This disheartening pattern can trigger emotions of deep-seated despair and an overwhelming sense of helplessness, ultimately casting a widespread shadow over once-vibrant creative aspirations.

Introducing the revolution of content creation with MotionPixel™, a cutting-edge selfie gimbal empowering creative self-generated content. Elevate video production to professional standards through its 360-degree AI face tracking, AI gesture-controlled recording, adjustable shooting angles and compatibility with tripod mounts to easily raise the bar above the rest. Enhance images and videos instantly with this groundbreaking gimbal, redefining the standards of online visual excellence.


 AI GESTURE CONTROL - Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence gesture control to initiate and conclude video recording through effortless hand gestures with MotionPixel™. This transformative feature empowers seamless content creation, eliminating the need for assistance. 

360 DEGREE FACE TRACKING - Leverage the 360-degree face tracking capability of MotionPixel™ to instantly elevate content above the competition. Effortlessly produce professional-grade videos and images, while streamlining shooting time and reducing post-editing workload.

✅ PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Crafted with durability in mind, MotionPixel™ is a highly portable device measuring 7.2 x 3.7 inches weighing in at a mere 0.5 pounds. Its exceptional lightweight and compact design ensures effortless transportation to virtually any location.

✅ NO APP REQUIRED - Easily insert any smartphone and start using MotionPixel™ instantly, without the need for any app to initiate. Designed for simplicity, it can truly elevate any self-generated shooting experience to the highest level.

✅ UNIVERSAL TRIPOD MOUNT - Enhance video creation potential by effortlessly combining MotionPixel™ with any tripod. This attribute underscores the user-friendly convenience this groundbreaking accessory brings to today's tech-savvy landscape.

✅ 180 DEGREE ANGLE - With its 180-degree angle axis, MotionPixel™ fuels creativity and elevates video originality to new heights. This incredible device effortlessly sets content apart, boosting online engagement and enabling video creation unlike any other.

We understand the ongoing challenge of producing captivating and original material that resonates with online audiences can be undeniably disheartening. It can be truly deflating dedicating hours or even days to crafting video clips, followed by exhaustive editing, only to receive minimal online engagement. Based on a recent study, the average time required to produce a compelling video ranges from 1 to 6 hours using a standard manual selfie stick, delays stemming from collaboration or piecing together multiple edits can extend this timeframe, resulting in decreased productivity.

Engineered exclusively with pioneering AI technology, MotionPixel™ elevates selfie video creation to unparalleled heights, unlocking the potential for content to go viral. By effortlessly securing a smartphone within its grasp, MotionPixel™ revolutionizes video creativity with varied angles and automated face tracking, resulting in captivating content bound to make an impact. Seamlessly enhance online presence through professional-quality smartphone photography, propelling the realization of aspirations beyond imagination.


Package Contents

1x MotionPixel AI Selfie Gimbal
1x USB-C Charging Cable


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