LuxeShift Shades - 6 in 1 Polarized Magnetic Frames

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“I am delighted with the purchase of these Magnetic sunglasses that are gorgeous! They are quite comfortable to wear, the quality is very good and I will most certainly come back for more, as there are a variety of colors at fair prices. I am quite happy with the service, product, delivery and transaction! Many thanks to the seller!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amy
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Navigating the unrelenting sun glare and nighttime brightness becomes a daily struggle without suitable eyewear. The scarcity of sunglasses that seamlessly merge individual style with versatile clarity often leads to enduring headaches, diminishing self-assurance, and a somber demeanor. This spiral of discontent, fueled by confidence setbacks, fashion mismatches, and persistent migraines, can significantly impact well-being, fostering an enduring state of unhappiness.

Experience classic elegance and charm through the exquisite collection of LuxeShift Shades™, designed to elevate individual style while also enhancing daily visual clarity. Timeless style combined with durable function, these shades feature polarized changeable magnetic frames, offering easy style coordination but also ensuring UV protection, clearer night vision and 3D movie experiences. With the effortless click of a frame, confidence and high-def vision evolve into the day's ultimate accessories.


ALL DAY COMFORT - Experience unparalleled comfort with advanced ergonomic design for nosepiece and ears, ensuring all-day and night wear with superior vision and a barely there sensation. LuxeShift Shades™ revolutionize daily wear by seamlessly blending timeless style and unparalleled comfort.

MULTIPLE PACKAGE OPTIONS - Choose the perfect lens package to cater to each unique lifestyle with distinct color combinations, including classic black, blue mirror, pink mirror, grey mirror, yellow, and 3D options. LuxeShift Shades™ are easily interchangeable colored lenses providing timeless and versatile additions to any ensemble.


UV SUNRAY PROTECTION - Experience the LuxeShift Shades™ advantage with 100% UV400 sunray protection, guarding even the most delicate and light-sensitive eyes. Achieve clearer vision every day by navigating through intense sunlight and its UV rays, embracing enhanced clarity in any situation.

IMPROVED NIGHTTIME VISION - Enhance nighttime vision with the innovative yellow lens option offered by LuxeShift Shades™, effectively reducing glare from street lights and oncoming traffic. Experience unparalleled clarity during nighttime with these remarkable lenses that ensure optimal visibility in the darkest hours.

HIGH DEFINITION VISIBILITY - Revel in the advanced benefits of LuxeShift Shades™ polarized lenses, equipped with anti-reflective properties and an exceptional glare barrier for optimal visibility in all situations. Transform daily life with the convenience of interchangeable lenses, ensuring rapid shifts for life-changing clarity.

3D MOVIE EXPERIENCE - Elevate movie night to an unparalleled level of immersion with LuxeShift Shades™ innovative 3D lenses, creating a seamless and captivating cinematic experience. Bypass the provided movie glasses and prepare for an exceptional visual journey through the world of cinema.

In the morning rush, the struggle to coordinate accessories can lead to settling for the mundane, familiar sunglasses worn day after day. Coping with subpar, budget eyewear resulting in squinting, blurry vision and persistent glare can hamper daily activities and trigger nagging migraines. Photophobia, a heightened sensitivity to light, triggers a staggering 98% of migraines, wearing inferior lenses frequently exacerbates this issue propelling persistent discomfort.

Experience the ideal eyewear solution with LuxeShift Shades™, blending distinctive style and exceptional functionality to enhance vision clarity around the clock, regardless of circumstances. Effortlessly swap lens colors within seconds, adapting to varying activities and lighting conditions for unparalleled clarity and durability. The swift magnetic lens interchangeability enhances outdoor and nighttime experiences with ease and crystal-clear vision, instilling confidence to conquer each day with peace of mind.




Package Contents

1x Classic Matte Black Frames
1x Colored Frames (depending on purchase option)
1x Carrying case


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Weight (Original Frame ): Ultra-light

Style: Round

Package (3-5 clips): 1 Brand PU Pouches + 1 Clean Cloth + Polarized Test Card

Package (1-2 clips): 1 Dust Bag + 1 Clean Cloth+ Polarized Test Card


Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400

Lenses Optical Attribute: POLARIZED

Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-reflective

Lenses Optical Attribute: MIRROR

Lenses Material: TAC

Lens Width: 48mm

Lens Height: 45mm

Item Type: Eyewear

Frame Material: Unbreakable Flexible TR90 Frame

Frame Material: Plastic

Frame Colors: Matte black

Eyewear Type: Sunglasses

Department Name: Adult

Clips Function: 100% UV400 Protection Against Harmful UVA UVB

Clip Material: TAC Len With TR90 Rims, Pass Polarized Test, UV400 Test

Clip Colors: Blue, Pink Mirror, Silver Mirror, Gray, Night Vision Yellow,3D clip