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“Fast delivery. Fast shipping. Well packed in carton. Highly recommended. Matches the description. Beautiful color and designs. Works great and well crafted. The best insulated cup I ever had. Ideal mug for on the go in summer and in winter. Perfect for bringing protein powder to the gym, add water and let the mug mix it for you!”

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Beginning the day with a well-crafted cup of coffee or tea can shape the day's ambiance. With everyone constantly on the go, mornings can already be hectic without the added hassle of stopping at a drive-thru or settling for mediocre cold coffee. However, settling for subpar coffee or wasting extra minutes at a drive-thru can add to the feeling of chaos and unpreparedness.

Introducing The Mixer Mug™,  The 380ml Automatic Stirring Magnetic Mug is a unique and innovative product that is perfect for anyone who loves to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea on-the-go. This mug features a built-in stirring mechanism that keeps drinks mixed and hot for hours. Simply drop in the ingredients of a favorite hot or cold beverage and push the button for the perfect mix every time.  



AUTOMATIC STIR - Get that perfectly blended beverage every time with the automatic stir feature. With The Mixer Mug™, enjoy every sip of homemade coffee that tastes as if it was made by a professional barista and stirred to perfection all the way to the last drop.

STAINLESS STEEL - Made with high quality, food grade stainless steel which makes for easy cleaning and high performance temperature retention. The Mixer Mug™ overall is a sustainable, healthy choice to take favorite beverages on the go!


RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Comes complete with a rechargeable battery and USB charging cable to recharge anytimeEnjoy convenience anywhere with a power outlet, it offers the perfect way to bring the joy of homemade beverages.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Take this mug and enjoy hot or cold, professionally blended beverages on the go for hours. The Mixer Mug™ is light-weight and perfect for the winter months for a snowy morning hike or at the hockey arena for that early morning practice.




QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - The Mixer Mug™ is made with superior high performance materials, designed and carefully crafted with function and portability in mind. This beautiful, modern travel mug will last for years and deliver quality, great tasting beverages every use.

CLASSIC COLORS - Modern, classic colors that will keep their appeal for years to come. Made with beautiful neutral tones that fit in with any decor, The Mixer Mug™ is pleasing to the eye with an attractive contemporary design.

Yearning for that perfect, beloved cup of coffee to energize the day, countless individuals are left disheartened and justifiably frustrated when it falls short. Consider the precious minutes wasted waiting in a drive-thru, especially when time is already scarce, this can lead to aggravation and potentially sour the rest of the day. Based on a recent study, it was found that on average, more than 200 cars pass through a drive-thru before noon each day.

The Mixer Mug™ provides the ideal answer to relish a consistently flavorful morning beverage, maintaining the perfect sipping temperature for hours on end. With its exceptional ability to expertly blend homemade coffee, this remarkable mug not only saves time and money but also has the power to transform daily life and help routines stay on track. Uncover the potential and refresh the daily routine by embracing this small change, leading to a streamlined morning experience.


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