LeashMate™ - Retractable Anti-Pull Dog Harness

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“Very satisfied! The collar is wonderful!!!!!! Great quality and very attentive seller!!!!!! Looked beautiful on my dog! Overall this harness is sturdy and a good quality harness. I love the leash retracts, makes it handy for walking and storage! Highly recommend .. it is excellent!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Marion
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Everyday exercise is vital to health and wellness and for furry companions this fact is no different. Dealing with dogs that incessantly pull on leashes poses a difficult challenge, potentially causing harm or discomfort due to neck strain and repeated stress with standard collars and leashes. The resulting frustration and avoidance of daily walks can affect both dogs in training and those with unruly behavior negatively stunting growth and learning.

Experience the game-changing LeashMate™, a cutting-edge dog harness featuring a built-in retractable leash and automatic anti-rush locking system that aids in leash training and promotes effortless daily walks. Crafted from high-strength nylon and durable ABS material, this harness offers breathability and impact resistance, boasting a built-in 4.5ft leash and cushioned handle. Redefine the joy of dog walking with its innovative design focused on canine comfort and safety.


✅ BUILT-IN RETRACTABLE LEASH - Featuring a 4.5ft leash with a comfortable grip, LeashMate™ enables seamless walking experiences, automatically retracting into the harness. Embrace leash-free park outings effortlessly by releasing the leash, granting pets the freedom to roam.

✅ AUTO-LOCK SYSTEM - Boasting an innovative core damping mechanism and anti-rush auto lock system, this design effectively absorbs pulling force and encourages dogs to adopt a gentler pace. The no-pull core device is purpose-built to enhance safety and enjoyment during walks with LeashMate™.

✅ BREATHABLE & ADJUSTABLE - Meticulously crafted from breathable, gentle nylon, LeashMate™ suits dogs weighing 20-70lbs and features hassle-free 4-way adjustable straps for supreme comfort and easy fitting. Slip it overhead and secure with quick-click buckles for effortless wear anytime.

✅ DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY - With its robust ABS construction, LeashMate™ showcases a highly durable internal coil spring that ensures reliable retraction over the long term. Navigate rugged outdoor adventures confidently, as this harness is designed to excel in diverse terrains.

✅ BUILT-IN PADDED GRIP - For added security, the harness includes a padded stationary handle, providing an emergency grip on dogs when needed. The intentionally soft padding ensures a comfortable and secure hold while wearing LeashMate™, bolstering pet safety during any adventure.

✅ ERGONOMIC & COMFORTABLE - Meticulously designed with careful consideration of canine anatomy, LeashMate™ offers an ergonomic fit, featuring a widened neck area for enhanced wearability. Prioritizing top-notch comfort, this harness encourages positive leash behaviors and ensures effortless daily wear for dogs.

We empathize with the challenges of leash training, from wrangling energetic puppies to handling pull-prone adult dogs making it a struggle to achieve a calm and controlled walk. Picture the frustration of attempting to maintain composure during daily walks, only to have a sudden squirrel sighting lead to a jolt that strains and constricts the neck. Experts highlight the potential harm of repeated neck stress, underscoring its detrimental impact on the trachea, nearby tissues, and vital glands like the thyroid and salivary glands.

By seamlessly amalgamating comfort, pull control, and sheer convenience, LeashMate™ emerges as an ingenious and optimal resolution tailored for both devoted pet owners and beloved furry companions. Combining proficiency of a retractable leash with the prowess of an anti-rush coil spring and a moisture-wicking fabric design, this harness guarantees an effortless experience for pets. Embrace the ability to regain command during walks and indulge in delightful outdoor experiences in the company of a jubilant four-legged friend.


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Type: Dogs

Season: All seasons

Pattern: Solid

Material: nylon & ABS material

Feature: Anti-lock, retractable

Dog Harness Type: Vest Harness