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“Very good quality, the strength of the fabric is very good, it has excellent elasticity, very intense color and very fast delivery was very satisfied with the product”  

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Embrace the vibrant spirit of summertime with its sun-kissed skies and sizzling heat, where the longing for all things summer becomes irresistible. As beach season draws near, rather than excitement self-doubt and self-consciousness creep in with the thought of slipping into that three year old bikini, casting a shadow over self confidence. The pressure to look flawless poolside often leads to unwarranted anxiety, a dip in self-esteem, and the reluctant cancellation of plans due to the belief that nothing fits or looks quite right. 

Introducing The Vintage Monokini ™, a revolutionary throw-back design to address all beachwear stresses and bring back retro swimwear styles with a modern twist. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and ill-fitting swimwear with this innovative new cut, offering unparalleled comfort, support, and flattering coverage. Whether seeking a stylish option for a postpartum body or a solution for those seeking extra sun protection, this swimwear is the perfect combination of on-trend fashion, function, and confidence-boosting features.




✅ CHIC & STYLISH - Experience the best of both worlds by embracing the vintage swimwear culture, combining more coverage with on-trend style. Empower inner confidence with every step in The Vintage Monokini ™ and feel sexy all summer long.

✅ SUN PROTECTION - Indulge in worry-free beach days with The Vintage Monokini ™ offering extra coverage from the sun. Save time on sunscreen applications and hello to endless fun and freedom all summer knowing that this monokini has it covered, quite literally.


✅ TUMMY CONTROL - Experience a transformative swimwear solution with The Vintage Monokini™, featuring a compression-like design that offers unparalleled tummy control. Make a splash, knowing that this attention-grabbing piece will diminish insecurities and elevate body confidence.

✅ VIBRANT COLORS/PATTERNS - Stay effortlessly on trend with timeless colors that will never lose their appeal. The Vintage Monokini ™ will remain a stylish choice for years to come, inspired by the colors of summer, this monokini easily pairs with any summertime accessory.




✅ ACTIVITY APPROVED - Active versatility at it's finest crafted with the perfect combo of high quality polyester and spandexeffortlessly wear during any summer sport. The Vintage Monokini™ provides ultimate performance and comfort, ideal for beach volleyball, surfing, waterparks, and more.

✅ EXTRA COVERAGE - Meticulously cut to provide extra coverage precisely where it matters most. Feel empowered with The Vintage Monokini™, squash insecurities and love every unique curve again.



Understandably, frustration hits enduring endless searches for swimwear, resulting in disappointment due to ill-fitting options and limited choices for various body types. Imagine hesitating on the shoreline, reluctant to join the water-bound excitement because removing that cover-up seems impossible. According to a recent poll, a staggering 65% of women face the annual struggle of finding swimwear that truly enhances their curves and instills unwavering confidence.

The Vintage Monokini ™ couldn't be more perfect for the summertime swimwear blues. Imagine slipping into a new style featuring favorite vibrant colors, feeling its soft fabric embrace every curve, providing the support and coverage always longed for. Step into the water and a newfound sense of empowerment washes over, knowing there is finally a swimwear solution that truly gets it right and celebrates individual style and beauty.




Package Contents

1 x Vintage Monokini

2 x Removable breast pads

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